3 soon to be free agents for Cowboys to watch in Super Bowl

The final game of the 2021 NFL season is on Sunday and sadly the Dallas Cowboys aren’t there. Watching another Super Bowl, all the commercials, the halftime performance and all that jazz with the Cowboys at home for the 26th straight year is certainly frustrating, but as always, we come home hoping the year next is the one to break the drought.

Things are going to be tough for Dallas this offseason. They have a variety of decisions to make when it comes to their own team. There are notable players ready to hit free agency like Randy Gregory, Michael Gallup, Dalton Schultz, and Jayron Kearse (to name a few), so the confidence of the team brains is going to have to show. of creativity.

While it’s a path they typically choose not to explore, the Cowboys also have the option of pursuing departing free agents from other teams (what a new concept). Since there’s an important game happening on Sunday, we decided to take a look at a few that could possibly be on the Cowboys’ radar under the right circumstances.

S Jessie Bates III, Cincinnati Bengals

Death, taxes and the hope that the Dallas Cowboys will spend a lot of money on safety.

Obviously, the Cowboys have a safety to watch in Jayron Kearse, but expanding the metrics a bit, it’s at least worth talking about Cincinnati’s Jessie Bates. It’s possible the Bengals will decide to put the franchise tag on Bates (especially if they win the Super Bowl and want to roll things back), and if he hits the open market, he’ll likely command a lot of money. , which is not Jones’ style.

Bates has mostly been a free safety during his career, but it’s not like the Cowboys are married to anyone either place. We walk through this song and dance each year we yearn for the best security on the market. It may end in vain with Bates, but we can still watch the Super Bowl and let ourselves dream.

EDGE Von Miller, Los Angeles Rams

The Dallas Cowboys need to figure out their own pass rusher situation as rumors they could move on from DeMarcus Lawrence continue to swirl and Randy Gregory awaits free agency. Micah Parsons exists and can do a lot on his own, but he’s a player on an 11-man defense.

It’s possible, but unlikely (again the premise of this whole discussion given how the Cowboys choose to operate) that Dallas could pursue veteran Von Miller in an attempt to add to their rushing prowess. Miller hasn’t even been on the Rams this entire season as Los Angeles traded him mid-term, but the Cowboys were reportedly interested in him back then as well.

Miller is a player with Texas roots and his own mother once tried to bring him to the Dallas Cowboys. It’s all relatively meaningless in the realm of football, but for the right price it could certainly make sense.

WR Odell Beckham Jr., Los Angeles Rams

To be perfectly clear here, the challenge of this discussion is that there are only two teams to choose from. Also, we have to live in the moment when it comes to the rumors surrounding DeMarcus Lawrence and Amari Cooper.

Suppose the Cowboys decide to leave Cooper one way or another. Say in that case they are unable to bring Michael Gallup back either. Suddenly a wide receiver would be a relatively big need when it felt incredibly secure not too long ago.

If so, it’s worth talking about Odell Beckham Jr. (again, only two teams are playing this weekend). Beckham hasn’t exactly been productive with the Cleveland Browns or during his career with the New York Giants, but he’s seemingly returned to the player he was many moons ago with the Rams.

Paired with CeeDee Lamb, it’s possible Beckham will maintain the level of productivity that helped LA go to this weekend in the first place. Like the other options mentioned, it would definitely command a bit more price tag, but so will anyone worth talking about.

Ultimately, that’s the lesson the Joneses will hopefully learn, besides the fact that the two listed Rams players were acquired by their team mid-season.

Christy J. Olson