4,000 kg of garlic offered free to the poor

Farmers under Gujarat Kisan Sangathan have resorted to Gandhigiri to draw the attention of the state government to their plight. Farmers distributed 4,000kg of garlic for free to the poor of Satyagrah Chhavni in Gandhinagar on Saturday as part of their protest.

Despite healthy garlic cultivation in the state, farmers say they have to throw away their stock due to lack of help from the state government in terms of supply.

The farmers allege that they incur a loss of Rs 14,000 per acre on the cultivation of garlic. They say even the cost of seeding is not recovered.

Farmers say that the cost of growing garlic on a one acre plot is around 37,000 rupees and the production is around 5,500 kg or 150 maunds. Growers say this season the price of garlic has fallen to a measly Rs 150 per maund (37.32kg), meaning they are getting Rs 22,500 per acre of crop.

National Chief of Gujarat Kisan Sangathan, JK Patel has demanded that the state government make immediate arrangements to purchase the stock of garlic through export or any other means to rescue the farmers from the debt trap. “Farmers don’t even get the base price in the market and are forced to throw away their crop,” he said.

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Christy J. Olson