5 Best Free Fire Emotes For Clash Squad Mode In 2022

Garena Free Fire offers a plethora of ways for players to improve how their characters look on the battlefield. They can use weapon skins, gloo wall designs, outfit sets, and several other cosmetics to customize their in-game avatars. Players can obtain these collectibles through various means.

Emotes are among the items in Garena Free Fire that they can use in Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes to celebrate certain moments.

Garena Free Fire: the most entertaining emotes for Clash Squad mode in 2022

Usually, rare and legendary emotes come to the game via time-limited events. Thus, users cannot acquire them instantly and have to wait for their introduction. However, store emotes are available throughout the year and players can unlock them by using a certain amount of diamonds.

They can find these emotes in the following list that are suitable for Clash Squad mode:

1) LOL

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Price: 399 Diamonds

The LOL emote is one of the most popular collectibles in the game, as various YouTubers have teased it through their funny gameplay montages. While it doesn’t display impressive moves like other emotes, it’s still a decent option for taunting opponents during matches.

The LOL emote animation features the in-game character laughing uncontrollably.

2) Bhangra

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Price: 399 Diamonds

Bhangra is among the emotes in the game that allow users to celebrate on the battlefield by performing energetic dance moves.

As the name suggests, the popular celebration emote is inspired by the famous Punjabi folk dance Bhangra. It borrows the most basic steps of movement, amplifying the energetic vibe during matches.

3) Yes

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Price: 399 diamonds

Free Fire has plenty of emotes for football fans, and Sii is one of them. It is part of the CR7 (Chrono) Special Edition Series items and, as the name suggests, it replicates the footballer’s infamous Sii celebration.

Thus, players who have the Sii emote can celebrate their eliminations or victory with the celebration of the mark of Cristiano Ronaldo.


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Price: 399 diamonds

Martial arts moves, especially those performed by Bruce Lee, have a worldwide fan base. So anything resembling popular fighting moves gets instant recognition, even in games like Free Fire and Free Fire MAX.

Thus, Garena also introduced various collectibles with martial arts themes, including the Kung Fu emote. It features awesome nunchuck moves that seem inspired by Bruce Lee.

5) The moon jump

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Price: 399 Diamonds

Moonflip is the latest emote that players can find in the in-game store. It is also quite famous among fans as the Moonflip emote can be discovered in various gameplay montages by popular streamers.

The emote features a brag-worthy diagonal somersault that players can use to tease their opponents. Additionally, they can use it in Clash Squad mode after executing an enemy or the whole squad.

All emotes mentioned in the list are available in the in-game store. So, readers can easily buy the desired collectible by going to the Emote section of the store.

Apart from the emotes mentioned in the list, the BR title has many other options like Top Scorer, Threaten, Victor, Death Glare, etc. Thus, individuals can consider all the other items available before making a purchase.

Disclaimer: This list is in no particular order and reflects the opinion of the author. Indian users should refrain from downloading Free Fire and installing its MAX variant to enjoy the in-game action as the former has been banned in the country for months.

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