8 Free Maine Craigslist Items People Can’t Give Away

Craigslist has been around for years and helps in a number of ways. For many, it is the first choice when looking for an apartment. For others, it’s an absolute must when looking to find services or get job leads. Another huge and popular section of Craigslist is the FOR SALE section, where people typically list used items instead of a traditional garage sale.

Underneath this FOR SALE section of Maine Craigslist is a subsection called FREE. It’s a true random section that can be filled with restorative-type elements where the listener knows there’s some value, but isn’t exactly looking for compensation in return. The downside to the FREE section is that you’ll often find a range of items that are just plain awful, from old electronics to worn-out furniture, and sometimes worse. Let’s take a look at 8 of the very strange items listed for free on Maine’s Craigslist


8 Free Maine Craigslist Items People Can’t Seem to Give Away

From ripped vehicles to old appliances to expired breast milk, here are some of the very weird and very free items listed on Craigslist in Maine.

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