Algeria vs Cameroon LIVE: Stream FREE, the channel as Slimani has a goal ruled out in OVERTIME

ALGERIA will be looking to finish the job and qualify for the World Cup against Cameroon.

Djamel Belmadi’s side managed to claim a 1-0 first-leg victory thanks to former Leicester striker Islam Slimani’s first-half goal.

And they will be confident for the second leg as their home support will be firmly behind them.

  • Start time: 8.30pm BST
  • TV/Live Broadcast: Not televised/MOLA TV


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  • Song for Africa

    Rigobert Song can’t believe the emotional roller coaster he’s just been on in the last 120 seconds.

    They were out, its image tarnished, Algeria was progressing.

    Fast forward another 100 seconds and they go to Qatar.

    What a result!

  • FT (ET): Algeria 1-2 Cameroon

    Cameroon are qualified on away goals.

    Algeria’s hearts are broken.

    There are tears of anger and tears of joy.

  • Algeria 1-2 Cameroon

    120+4. Amazing Jeff!

    Cameroon equalized on the last free kick of the game.

    Crazy end to this game.

  • Algeria 1-1 Cameroon

    120+2. Tempers are on fire here.

    The referee had whistled a Cameroonian free kick when the Algerian player kicked the ball.

    M’Bolhi recovers the kicked ball in the penalty area.

  • Algeria 1-1 Cameroon

    120. There will be four additional minutes.

    Does Cameroon have enough juice in the tank to try to equalise.

    Algeria returns the ball to Cameroonian territory.

  • Algeria 1-1 Cameroon

    119. The substitute has not been marked in this corner.

    Touba has a simple task to direct the ball into the corner.

    Slimani tries to waste time and is shown a yellow card for his troubles.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    118. Looks like we’re heading for another penalty shootout tonight.

    With just two minutes and added time remaining, the visitors camped in their own half to prevent Algeria from scoring.

    Coin to Algeria.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    116. Algeria surrounds the referee.

    When the ball arrives, the Cameroonian defender throws himself behind the Algerian.

    A corner is given instead of the penalty they want.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    114. Mahrez does well to hold the ball and is fouled.

    The ball is played into the box and Bedrane has a free header.

    Onana saves again with her feet.

    Offside given against the Algerian player.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon – Bennacer’s chance!

    112. The Algerian midfielder hits a shot on the half-volley of a certain outing.

    He catches it perfectly and forces Onana to a good save.

    What a shot from so far to test the Cameroonian goalkeeper.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    110. Cameroon look nervous at the back now.

    Claims for handball are dismissed.

    Coin to Algeria.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    108. Of the two teams, it seems that the home side are more keen on trying to finish this game before the penalty shootout.

    Belaili comes out for Ghezzal.

    Surprisingly, Belaili doesn’t go to the ground at all on the start.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    106. The free kick is curled into the box.

    It looked like Onana completely missed it but the referee awards a corner kick.

    Fortunately for the Cameroonian goalkeeper, nothing helps.

  • Kick-off: (ET) Algeria 0-1 Cameroon (agg 1-1)

    Algeria opens the second overtime period.

    Can we find a winner in the next fifteen minutes?

  • HT (ET): Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    The referee ends the first overtime period.

    Slimani tells the referee some home truths as they walk off the pitch.

    Managers are starting to think about penalty takers now.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon – Chance Slimani

    104. The ball is thrown and Slimani wins the header and heads down.

    Onana goes down well and takes the ball away.

    He takes on the wrong foot the player coming in the opposite direction who cannot respond to Algeria’s rebound.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    103. Algeria come forward and win a free kick on target on the left.

    They are looking to find that elusive goal before half-time.

    Slimani still thinks he got it.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    100. The referee disallowed the goal.

    He believes that Slimani handled the ball.

    Algeria is furious with this decision.

  • Algeria 1-1 Cameroon

    97. VAR checks this one out.

    Slimani may have caught him on his shoulder rather than his head.

    According to the replay, it did not look like handball.

    The VAR room asked the referee to go to the monitor.


  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    96. Algeria does not seem to be in a hurry to move forward.

    They are still trying to build the game patiently.

    Atal leaves for Touba.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    94. Foul on Tawamba as he gets his shirt pulled.

    The visitors try to get the ball into the area but it is clear.

    Cameroon return in search of a goal.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon – Chance Slimani

    92. Great delivery from the right side as Benayada delivers.

    His precise cross finds Slimani between two defenders.

    He just directs it to the roof of the net.

    Great luck.

Christy J. Olson