Another Face of the Chicken Price War Distributed for Free – The Sangai Express



By our journalist
IMPHAL, November 13: Anxious over the sale of chicken at very low prices by some traders, poultry farmers today organized a new mode of protest by distributing free chicken to passers-by.
The protest was organized at Mao Keithel, Kabow Leikai by poultry farmers associated with Avian House, Khonghampat.
Avian House owner Chongtham Dhruvatara said the poultry sector is an economic sector that employs a huge number of people in the state.
However, all raw materials including chicks, feed and medicine are imported from out of state. Farmers raise chickens to earn some profit after spending all that expense, Dhruvatara said.
It is a matter of grave concern for all poultry farmers that some traders have started selling chicken at a much cheaper price. This is a direct challenge to the livelihoods of poultry farmers, he said.
About 3/4 months ago the price of chicken was quite high out of state. As the price of chicken was cheaper in Manipur, some people/traders were exporting chicken from the state, he said.
Now the price of chicken has dropped significantly outside of the state. In the aftermath, some traders have also started selling chicken at much cheaper prices in the state, but the sudden drop in the price of chicken has seriously affected the interests of all poultry farmers in the state, said Dhruvatara.
Leaving profit aside, poultry farmers now face a grim situation where they even lose their capital, he said.
All these people who sell chicken at a much cheaper price are not farmers but traders and some “big players” are among them, he continued.
Lower chicken prices would not affect traders in any way, but if poultry farmers quit their trade, the state would suffer greatly for a long time, he said.
Pointing out that a poultry chick costs Rs 50/60 while a 50kg bag of poultry feed is sold at Rs 3,000, Dhruvatara urged the state government to find out how these traders are selling dressed chicken at Rs 150-170 per kg.
The price of chicken is higher in Assam and West Bengal than in Manipur, even though the former two states are known for their cheap chicken, he said.
The situation is nothing but the victimization of poultry farmers in the battle of some arrogant traders, he claimed.
He said they give away the dressed chicken for free with the aim of either taking a break from poultry farming or giving up the profession for good.

Christy J. Olson