Can you get free skins in Fortnite? Uncover scam and fraud websites

With the exception of Tfue, who doesn’t use any skins to stand out, most Fortnite players really enjoy using skins associated with their favorite characters. Being able to play as Spider-Man, Bruno Mars, LeBron James, Wonder Woman, or Naruto is a huge draw for many players.

However, these skins are not free. Even though they came in the battle pass, they still technically cost 950 V-Bucks, or around $10. And it’s not an amount that everyone can or wants to spend on a video game.

Free skins appeal to everyone. Everyone loves free stuff in almost any setting, and that begs the question: can you get free skins in Fortnite? Here is the answer.

Is it possible for Fortnite players to get free skins?

There are a ton of websites that claim to offer free skins to gamers. These sites are a total scam. Only Epic Games could theoretically give players legitimate free skins. A website that offers players the chance to get something like Flytrap for free is scam.

A "Free"  skin site (Image via
A “free” skin site (Image via

There are tons of scam websites that offer free cosmetics, including:


The above is by no means an exhaustive list. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of skin generator websites out there. None of them are safe. It cannot be overemphasized that only Epic Games can truly offer free skins.

Websites like this are more than likely looking to steal accounts by obtaining player information. This is not safe and can lead to losing their accounts or even getting players banned.

There are ways to get free skins legitimately. Although Epic Games frowns upon this, players often give accounts. If a player is no longer interested in playing the game, they sometimes give the account to someone else, allowing the new account holder to get a bunch of skins for free.

Epic Games itself also offers many free skins. Often they give players the chance to unlock a new skin through a tournament. This happened more recently with skins like Chica and Ali-A.

Additionally, the company offers players the opportunity to participate in free challenges to earn cosmetics; sometimes it means a skin. Recently, the Ash-Sassin pack, which contains a free skin, became available for PC gamers for free.

Ultimately, no website can grant free skins, but Epic Games can and does with a rather alarming frequency.

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