Everything you need to know about free transfers

The advent of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, starting November 20, brings a break to the Premier League, and therefore the Fantasy Premier League as well.

However, the FPL managers have the chance to take stock of their 2022/23 seasons so far and overhaul their squads. This is because they can make unlimited free transfers after the Gameweek 16 deadline at 13:30 GMT on November 12 and the return of the Premier League on Boxing Day, for Gameweek 17.

Here’s what managers need to know when planning ahead.

Will player prices go up and down during the 2022 FIFA World Cup?
No, player prices will be frozen during the World Cup.

What is the date of the last price changes?
The final round of price changes will take place on November 13 following transfers that took place before the GW16 deadline at 11:00 GMT on November 12. Any transfers made after the deadline will not affect player prizes.

Player prices will be frozen after the GW16 deadline until the GW17 deadline at 11:00 GMT on December 26. Player prices will be “unfrozen” after the GW17 deadline. Any transfers made after the GW17 deadline will contribute to player price changes.

Can I make a free transfer from GW16?
Yes, you can initiate a free transfer in GW16 or GW17 and have two free transfers to GW18. If you make two or more transfers in GW17, you will lose your saved transfer.

Is the number of transfers made between GW16 and GW17 added to our ‘Total Transfers’ count?

What is the impact of total transfers on my team?
The total transfers made will impact your team in the event of a tiebreaker if you are tied with another manager in a classic league at the end of the season. This does not affect leagues or head-to-head cups.

Will transfers made during the World Cup cost me points?
No, all transfers made after GW16 and before the GW17 deadline will be free transfers and will not cost you any points.

Is there a limit to the number of transfers I can make during the World Cup?

Can I play any token in GW17?
Yes, you can play your Bench Boost, Free Hit or Triple Captain if available. But, you will not be able to play your Wildcard.

Can I roll my Wildcard in GW17 and have two Wildcards from GW17?
No, if you still have a Wildcard available, you must play it before the GW16 deadline or you will lose it.

Does the 50% sale still exist? Do I have to pay the difference if I sell a player and then reinstate him?
The price listed on your transfers page is the selling price of a player. This sell price may be lower than the player’s current buy price, as a 50% sell fee will be applied to all profits made on that player.

This remains in effect for the World Cup period. For example, Erling Haaland’s current cost is £12.1m. If you owned it at its starting price of £11.5m and transferred it, you would receive £11.8m. However, if you then decide to bring him back, Haaland would cost you £12.1million.

Christy J. Olson