Fall Guys Players Nearly Double After Going Free-to-Play

Fall Guys gained even more popularity after become free-to-play on all platforms.

Mediatonic recently confirmed that Fall Guys now has 20 million active players on consoles and PC, which is a meteoric jump from its previous numbers. In December, Mediatonic confirmed that its battle royale party game Fall Guys had sold around 11 million copies. The jump from 11 million to 20 million is an 81% increase in player count, matching the game’s new free price of 99.

Extras like full cross-play and cross-progression on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC make Fall Guys an even more compelling proposition. Billion-dollar titan Epic Games is responsible for making Fall Guys an F2P sensation, following in the footsteps of Fortnite, one of the most popular games of all time, as well as sports racer Rocket League. It also greatly helps the game to be available on pretty much every gaming system besides mobile (which is likely to happen at some point).

Even before going free, Fall Guys was one of the most popular indie games out there, earning third place behind Stardew Valley (20 million) and Rust (12.4 million) in sales. Fall Guys had sold 2 million copies in less than a week during the pandemic and at one point had more Steam players than GTA V. It sold over 7 million copies in its first month and was the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all the temperature.

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Fall Guys may be free, but it’s now monetized with a premium season pass that will fund new content over time. He also has a new premium currency called Show-Bucks.

You are invited to dive and dodge your way to victory in the pantheon of goofballs. Beginner or pro? Alone or in a group? Fall Guys delivers ever-changing, highly focused hilarity and fun. The only thing more important than winning is to look as ridiculous as possible while doing it. Grab the silliest costume possible and get in line – the show is about to begin!

  • Competitive and Cooperative: Switch between competitive free-for-all and cooperative challenges, or take on the Blunderdome with up to 3 friends!
  • Play with Friends: Fall Guys supports cross-play, cross-platform parties, and cross-progression through your Epic Games account.
  • Ever-Changing Content: The game stays fresh with limited-time events and new game modes. Each season brings new costumes, collaborations, obstacles, and ways to play.
  • BEAUTIFULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: Choose from a multitude of colors, patterns, suits and nameplates.

Christy J. Olson