Fish for free on Father’s Day weekend

You won’t get caught on hook, line, and sinker with this free offer from the state of Ohio.

It’s for real.

Mark your calendars for a free fishing trip coming Father’s Day weekend. According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), the free fishing weekend this year is Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19. Father’s Day is June 19.

It’s not everyday that you come across something that is truly free in this world. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) invites all Ohio residents to experience the fantastic public fishing opportunities in our state without purchasing a license. All size and bag limits apply during these two days.

Free Ohio Fishing Days is open to all Ohioans and extends to all public waters in Ohio, so why not find a watering hole and cast a line for cheap This year ?

Have Dad dig up his old fishing tackle in the garage and take him fishing on Father’s Day weekend this year. Better yet, surprise him with a brand new fishing rod or tackle and you’ll make his father’s day even if he doesn’t catch any fish. But, don’t worry, in all likelihood, plenty of fish will be caught on Father’s Day weekend across the state, as the ODNR stocks its public waters with millions of fish each year.

In fact, ODNR’s wildlife division stocked more than 40 million sport fish in Ohio waters last year, including channel catfish, walleye, rainbow trout rainbow trout, sageye, muskellunge, brown trout, rainbow trout, blue catfish and hybrid striped bass. This should definitely increase your chances of landing that big one.

There are really a lot of fish to catch there.

Find a nearby public river, stream, pond or lake and cast a line for the day’s catch. Or, try your hand at the Great Pond to the north just 3 hours away, also known as Lake Erie.

Lake Erie is known as the walleye fishing capital of the world. Nearly 55 percent of fishing license holders fish Lake Erie each year, according to the Lake Erie Foundation.

The American Sport Fishing Association estimates that sport fishing expenditures on Lake Erie exceed $1 billion annually. There are many charter fishing outfitters on Lake Erie if you don’t have a boat and there are also many docks to fish, Ohio is known for its world class fishing so this is your chance to get in on the action for free.

Public waters nearby to lay a line:

Fishing tips for Lake Kiser

Kiser Lake is known for largemouth bass, sunfish, bluegill, channel catfish and crappie. The lake is also known for carp, yellow perch and bullhead. Channel catfish are stocked every two years by the Fish and Wildlife Division of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Lake Kiser covers 396 acres of fishing waters and 5 miles of shoreline.

Try using nocturnal caterpillars, red worms, or waxworms in vegetated areas for bluegill and sunfish. Use minnows for crappie in these same areas.

Fish chicken livers on bottom for channel cat and stripers.

Indian lake fishing

Indian Lake is well known for its huge bluegills. yellow perch and pretty decent largemouth bass fishing. But its main attraction is saugeye fishing. It’s amazing and probably the best in all of Ohio.

Other nearby public fishing waters

Check out these other public fishing waters in the area: Melvin Miller Park at Urbana (2 acre fishing pond), Big Garbry Woods (no license required any day of the year), Grand Lake St Marys, CJ Brown Reservoir, Great Miami River, Mad River, Lake Loramie, Lake Clark, Buck Creek, Alum Creek Reservoir, Delaware Lake, Stillwater River, Darby Creek, Little Miami River, Caesar Creek Lake, Madison Lake, and Deer Creek Lake.

Fish like the pros at Buck Creek State Park on a sunny spring day.

Christy J. Olson