Free gas event in Compton for popular cars to spin the block on Friday – Daily Breeze

You’d be forgiven if you thought we were back to the gas rationing days of the 1970s.

But the cars honking and trying to cut through traffic as about 200 other vehicles circled the block of a Compton gas station on Friday morning July 1 were not the result of rationing,

Rather, the blockage was due to astronomical gas prices – and an offer to refuel for free.

Compton Councilman Andre Spicer, who represents that city’s Second District, held a free gas event for Compton residents Friday at the ZY Oil gas station, offering up to $50 worth of fuel per vehicle.

Spicer has teamed up with ZY Oil and the musical artist known as El Compa Negro, Boss City Music and Death Row Records, to donate $3,000 worth of gas to relieve the community as prices remain high.

There was only one problem – more cars showed up than there was money for everyone.

Maybe that’s not really a surprise.

Especially considering gas prices average around $5 a gallon nationwide and even higher in Southern California, which depends on the car.

And motorists are also waiting for help from the government, perhaps suspending, for example, gasoline and diesel taxes for three months, which President Joe Biden has proposed in a bid to save around 3, 6% at the pump.

“I knew we were going to have a stake,” Spicer said. “I had no idea it was going to be like this.”

Spicer is a new adviser, having been sworn in 30 days ago.

His plan, he said, was to quickly become active in his position with events like these. Yet on Friday he asked voters for patience as officials try to bring in more resources and change the community.

“We received a donation and we just wanted to use it as soon as possible,” Spicer said. “And people need it, that’s clear.”

Cars began waiting for the free gas event at 10 p.m. the day before, Spicer said.

The line of cars went down Long Beach Boulevard, wrapped around Palmer Street and down Bullis Road, and onto Compton Boulevard.

About 200 cars tried to take advantage of the free petrol, which caused traffic jams on Compton and Bullis.

Rhyan Lowery, also known as El Compa Negro, saw the need in the community and donated an extra $1,000 at the event as cars were still waiting in line when the money ran out. is initially exhausted.

“What I’m trying to do is make this (event) more normalized with celebrities,” Lowery said. “If I’m able to do it, then surely they can do it. And Compton is only 9 square miles, but there are over 2,500 celebrities who have walked out of Compton, so why not make a swap. Everyone could use gasoline right now.

Lowery said he had to sell his new truck because of high gas prices, so he couldn’t imagine the struggle of Compton workers. That’s why he wanted to give back, he says.

Ivan Asencion, 18, from Compton, said the free gas event benefited the community and he said he hopes there will be more.

“People are struggling with gas right now because of the high prices,” Asencion said. The event “came at a very good time”.

The scheduled two-hour event ended early, as the $4,000 donated filled as many cars as possible, but left about 80 waiting.

Maria Wenceslao of Compton was one of the last cars to get free gas. Her eldest daughter told her about the event.

“It will really help me today, my gas was empty,” Wenceslao said in Spanish. “I wish they would run an event like this again for people who couldn’t get free gas today. Hopefully next time they can.

Christy J. Olson