Free lawyers! Thousands of them! Get them in FDR Park.

When life gives you avocados, you make guacamole.

When life gives you 380,000 avocados, you give them away.

This is the case of Sharing Excess, a Philadelphia non-profit organization that distributes surplus food, which recently benefited from a windfall of fruit grown in South America.

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Sharing Excess will distribute 230,400 avocados on 60 pallets, each containing 80 cases of 48 avocados, at FDR Park at 20th Street and Pattison Avenue in South Philadelphia. The hours will be from noon to 6 p.m. on Wednesday October 19 and Thursday October 20 and from noon on Friday October 21.

There will be no limit, said Sharing Excess founder Evan Ehlers. “It’s all based on trust,” he said. “Our volunteers will ask, ‘How many do you need?’ If someone says, “I’m going to feed my whole block, we’ll believe it.”

Along with the public giveaway, two additional trucks, containing a total of about 150,000 avocados, will be donated to local food banks such as Philabundance and Share Food Program, Ehlers said. The Tuttleman Foundation and Beast Philanthropy contributed to the distribution effort.

Ehlers said he couldn’t explain the manna. Prices and supplies of avocados have varied wildly, especially this year. Mexico experienced a shortage earlier in the year because its production was down. Prices fell in July as Mexico accelerated growth, while California, Peru and Colombia added to supply, according to trade publication The Produce News.

The avocados offered are now in various stages of maturity, Ehlers said.

How about an avocado toast recipe? Or salsa guasca?

Christy J. Olson