Free Sunbreak Title Updates Excessively Use Fire Element

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 kicked off today after a week of industry events including Ubisoft Forward, a Nintendo Direct and a PlayStation State of Play. One of the first major studios to pitch their plans was Capcom, which discussed the Resident Evil 4 remake, exoprimal, Mega Man Battle Network: Legacy Collectionand Street Fighter 6. However, Capcom has started with the second free title update for Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sunwhich will launch on September 29. Three new monsters are introduced, but two of them continue a Fire element saturation pattern that Capcom should consider adjusting.


Flaming Espinas has already been revealed for Title Update 2, a unique variant of a monster originally exclusive to the MMO Monster Hunter’s Frontier before To go upEspinas’ expansion allowed Espinas to cross a main line. Two others were unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show: Violet Mizutsune and Risen Chameleos. While the Chameleos variant is arguably the most interesting; the introduction of an ancient dragon that benefits from a “symbiosis with the Qurio”, Sunbreak’s main gaming gimmick; it will take a long time for hunters to reach Master Rank (MR) 110 so they can fight him. The rest will appear after the Sunbreak story ends at MR10, but the game should try to focus on more diverse offerings in the future.

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Flaming Espinas and Violet Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Fans already have a good idea of ​​what Flaming Espinas are capable of given that the subspecies was first introduced in Monster Hunter’s Frontier Season 2.5. Typical Espinas are passive monsters, often found asleep at the start of a hunt, but when provoked strike hard and fast while using a special fireball that inflicts Poison as well as Paralysis (the latter when it is in an enraged state). Flaming Espinas is similar, but notably uses a more powerful area-of-effect (AoE) fire attack by blowing its breath directly onto the ground.

Violet Mizutsune is a more interesting addition in that it seems to remix key elements from two previous variants for the original monster introduced in Monster Hunter Generations: Soulseer and Apex Mizutsune. The new subspecies Violet produces a flammable fluid that fills its attacks with typical bubbles, allowing this Mizutsune to create rings of fire and “envelop” itself in an “inferno of white-hot flames”.

Soulseer Mizutsune was a deviant of Ultimate Generations which produced explosive blue bubbles that inflicted fireblight, while Apex Mizutsune of Rise of the Monster Hunter has a more purple tint that suits his ability to use Magnamalo’s Hellfire status condition. Violet may be retreading these elements due to Sunbreak moving away from the Rampage game mode where Apex Mizutsune shone. Both promise to be powerful new subspecies, with Flaming Espinas appearing in Forlorn Arena and Violet Mizutsune exclusive to the Infernal Springs map.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Emergent Fire Monster Pattern

These aren’t the only additions coming with Title Update 2. Players can also expect Anomaly Expeditions, introduced with the first update last month, to have a level cap of 120. High-end Anomaly quests with Gore Magala, Espinas, Bazelgeuse, Pyre Rakna-Kadaki, and Rajang will also fulfill a six-star level. Capcom will allow players to add new weapon anomaly slots for Qurious Crafting, and layered weapons are being introduced so players can further customize their builds. The Tokyo Game Show event also highlighted new DLC gestures, stickers, and more.

However, the new monsters are the biggest draw for any update in the monster hunter series. As interesting as additions like Flaming Espinas and Violet Mizutsune appear, it’s hard not to see a pattern of Fire element monsters dominating Sunbreak given that Title Update 1 introduced the “Metal Raths”, Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos, which are known for their unique glowing fire. attacks.

Risen Chameleos is an exception given that it will primarily focus on Poison, but even that distinction is similar to Lucent Nargacuga introduced alongside the Metal Raths last month. Contrary to Monster Hunter World: Icebornean expansion aptly based on winter themes and ice monsters, Sunbreak should strive to be more unique in its use of the five elements currently present. monster hunter. The core expansion has already introduced a number of fiery monsters like Pyre Rakna-Kadaki, Magma Almudron, Blood Orange Bishaten, and Espinas, so Capcom should work on its diversity.

Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun is now available on PC and Switch. The free Title Update 2 will be released on September 29, 2022.

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Christy J. Olson