GHS student wins a free car as a reward for perfect attendance | New

Determination and hard work paid off for one lucky student, Antonio Escateo, whose perfect attendance earned him a 2020 Nissan Versa at Granbury High School’s pep rally last Friday.

Escateo, a 17-year-old junior at GHS, was one of 10 students whose ticket numbers were randomly selected in a draw on May 20 to determine who would win the car donated by Granbury Nissan.

Throughout the 2021-22 school year, students received tickets for perfect attendance. One ticket was awarded to one student each six-week grading period who had perfect attendance. Students also received five additional tickets for having perfect attendance for the entire semester and 10 additional tickets for having perfect attendance for the entire school year.

Each ticket won through a perfect entry was put into a raffle. After 10 names were drawn, each student had to choose a key, but only one key would start the car.

The tension was high as one by one each of the 10 students got into the car, slammed on the brake and pressed the start button, all hoping for the lucky key.

When the car started with Escateo at the wheel, applause erupted and the 17-year-old called his mother on the phone to tell her the good news, while shaking with excitement.

“This year I only missed seven days,” he said. “It’s crazy. I didn’t expect to win this, but I have to work on my license now.

Granbury Nissan and Pinnacle Bank have partnered with Strive to Drive TX in an all-out effort to educate Granbury ISD students and their parents about the importance of being in class, as attendance has a direct effect on academic achievement. According to data from the Illinois Bureau of Educational Research, consistent school attendance is directly linked to positive behavior, increased participation in extracurricular activities, higher grades, and higher overall academic performance.

“We try to get the kids to show up for school as often as possible,” said Sharbel Lattouf, owner of Granbury Nissan and co-owner of Fort Worth Brothers Automotive along with Chris Hamud, Tony Hamud, Mike Hamud and Joe Hamud. . . “They can see that hard work pays off.”

Lattouf said Escateo is currently working in the workshop program at Granbury High School and after getting his driver’s license, he will come to work for Lattouf this summer.

“The only charities we like to be involved in are children’s charities,” Lattouf said. “We want to change things. We want to help the promising future – those who will lead this country. We couldn’t have hoped the car would go to a better family, so it really touched us.”

The car giveaway has been held at GHS for the past four years and Lattouf said Granbury Nissan will continue to participate in the program for many years to come.

He added: “It’s all about the kids.”

Christy J. Olson