Happy Teachers Day: School honors outstanding tutors with free Umrah

Hyderabad: In a unique gesture, a school offered 22 outstanding teachers free Umrah for performing outstanding service.

MS Education Academy in Hyderabad has announced the names of 22 people who received free Umrah on Teachers’ Day.

The move was announced by MS Education Academy President Mohammad Latif Khan during the closing ceremony of his 10-day celebration to honor teachers for their service.

The names of Umrah teachers were selected by lot. They will accompany their spouse on this pilgrimage.

Twenty-two teachers were drawn for the Umrah draw, while three non-Muslim teachers were sent on a fully paid vacation to Dubai.

Along with the Umrah initiative, the Teachers Welfare Fund was established with a contribution of Rs 10 lakh from MS management.

The fund would be used to help teachers on different occasions such as girls’ weddings, children’s higher education or any medical emergency. The fund also covers teachers with serious illnesses.

All 1770 teachers were honored with gifts, awards and certificates, on the other hand, senior teachers with more than ten years of experience were congratulated.

Christy J. Olson