Hot Deal: Get a Free Year of Paramount Plus with Origin Energy’s NBN Plans

Origin Energy has branched out into the internet space and hopes to inspire you to move on with a pretty awesome new offer – sign up for any NBN plan and get 12 months of Paramount Plus completely free. (opens in a new tab).

Paramount Plus would typically cost you AU$8.99 per month, so this deal from Origin will net you nearly AU$108 if you stick with the provider for a full year. Just note that there is no discount on the NBN plans themselves.

Origin is one of the most expensive internet providers out there, with its cheapest NBN plan at AU$74 per month. (opens in a new tab) for NBN 25. Each of its internet packages sits above the average price for each speed tier, but you’ll be able to cut AU$10 off your bill each month if you also transfer your energy to Origin – and this discount makes them significantly more competitive.

You can get a free streaming subscription regardless of which NBN plan you subscribe to with Origin, the only caveat is that you need to be a first-time Origin Internet and Paramount Plus customer to be eligible. If you wish, you will have to register before November 13th.

Is Origin NBN any good?

Origin Energy is relatively new to the NBN market, you might be wondering if their NBN plans are any good. Well, Origin Energy basically offers NBN plans from Aussie Broadband (opens in a new tab) under its own brand.

So if you compare Origin’s internet plans with those of Aussie Broadband, you’ll notice that these two seemingly unconnected internet providers offer the same NBN plans with the same typical evening speeds.

Although Origin Energy and Aussie Broadband have the same NBN plans technically, they are not priced the same. Aussie Broadband actually has the cheapest plans between the two providers, but you can make one of Origin’s cheapest by bundling your electricity bills – it’ll save you AU$5/m compared to Origin’s plans. ‘Aussie.

Home Energy Price Comparison
NBN 25 NBN 50 NBN 100 NBN 250 NBN 1000
NBN origin (with bundled energy) AU$64 AU$74 AU$94 AU$124 AU$144
NBN origin (without energy) AU$74 AU$84 AU$104 AU$134 AU$154
Australian Broadband AU$69 AU$79 AU$99 AU$129 AU$149
Average NBN Plan Price CA$66.57 AU$75.19 AU$92.03 AU$121.18 AU$145.77

Christy J. Olson