How to Get All Free Items in Roblox NFL Tycoon

The second installment of the NFL x Roblox collaboration, NFL Tycoon, lets players build their own stadium, manage their dream team, and grow their franchise dynasty. Much to the delight of many players, this experience also features a handful of NFL-themed avatar items that can be claimed for free by completing a few short quests. For a closer look at these items and an overview of how to unlock them, keep reading below!

How to Unlock All Free Items in NFL Tycoon

Throughout NFL Tycoon’s time on Roblox, the experience has debuted with over ten unique avatar items for players to collect, the most recent being the NFL Shield Backpack. All of these items, including those that can no longer be obtained, are listed below. For a more detailed look at how each item can/could be earned, keep reading after the list.

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NFL Shield Backpack

Before starting to explain how to earn this object, it is important to mention that, in order to obtain it, you to have to build the foundations of your stadium. If you don’t know how to do this, see the graphics under the NFL draft hat title, the building process of NFL Tycoon is explained there.

Once you’ve made sure your stadium is built and you’ve loaded NFL Tycoon, find the Artists Palette icon on the left side of your screen and click on it.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Clicking this button will open your stadium customization menu, where you can choose an aesthetic for your stadium exterior based on one of the 32 NFL football teams. Selecting any of these design changes will automatically net you the NFL Backpack Shield.

Roblox NFL Tycoon stadium customization menu
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Red NFL Draft Jacket

As mentioned above, earning the NFL Red Jacket is as easy as logging into Roblox and joining NFL Tycoon. By doing so, you should receive the red NFL Draft Jacket badge and corresponding item.

NFL draft hat

In order to win the NFL Draft Hat, you will need to have a foundation built for your stadium and place the New Era concession stand inside. To do it from scratch, approach the Lobby upgrade button and step on it, it will create your stadium lobby. You will also need to purchase the next six upgrades before you can enter the lobby.

If you run out of money when buying upgrades, don’t worry! More money can be obtained at any time by withdrawing from one of the nearby ATMs.

Once your lobby is unlocked, enter it by walking and touching the entrance doors pictured below. This will automatically teleport you inside.

Once inside the lobby, you should see a Edit button at the bottom of your screen—click this button to open the Edit menu.

From there, select the Decorations tab and locate the New Era concession stand underneath Exclusives. Click on this stand and place it anywhere in your lobby to earn the Tip of the Cap badge and the NFL Draft Hat item.

NFL Draft Jacket Black

To win the NFL Draft Black Jacket, you will need to purchase Interior upgrade 1. To do this, enter your stadium through the double doors inside the lobby and approach the blue button directly in front of you – this is the Interior upgrade 1 button.

To purchase this upgrade, press its button. This will net you the NFL Draft Black Jacket badge and item.

NFL Draft Helmet

From the Interior Upgrade 1 button, turn left and round the corner. Against the leftmost wall you should see another blue button, this time the one that says Room 1. Press this button to unlock the next room in your stadium, the NFL Draft Badge, and the NFL Draft Helmet.

Hidden in the nooks and crannies of the NFL Tycoon map are 56 sparkling Wilson footballs. In order to unlock the Wilson Super Bowl LVI Memorial Football Item, you’ll need to collect all 56 of them. To do this, enter Central City through the NFL Portal and explore every corner of its large map, keeping an eye out for sparks golden.

Roblox NFL Tycoon Central City Portal
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
Roblox NFL Tycoon Football Example
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Some of these soccer balls are well hidden, so be sure to check everywhere. The one that gave us the most trouble was hidden inside the Fanletics store behind the Miami Dolphins screen.

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Hidden example of Roblox NFL Tycoon Football
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Once you have collected all 56, you will receive the Fantasy Football badge and corresponding item.

Cincinnati Bengals Who Dey Backpack, Los Angeles Rams Bowler Head and Super Bowl LVI Cap

To earn the other three free items from this experience, search for the house of destruction portal in Central City and walk through it – within seconds you will be teleported to a new area.

Roblox NFL Tycoon Destruction House Portal
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Once here, head to the house labeled house of destruction with a large metal sign.

Roblox NFL Tycoon Destruction House Final Rental
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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To start this mini-game and earn the items inside, enter the purple circle in front of the house. This will trigger a menu that asks if you want to play solo Where to party. Either option is correct. After selecting your game method, the mini-game will begin. To earn all three avatar items, you will need to meet the conditions below.

  • Play the Destruction House mini-game
  • Find and activate all Destruction House interactions in a single match
    • Flip the living room chairs
    • flip the couch
    • Sit on the toilet
    • Dance in front of the camera
    • Light the stove
    • Swing chandeliers
    • Run on the treadmill
    • Knock down children’s block towers
    • Shattering Vases
    • Throw soccer balls/eggs
  • Get a score over 30,000

After fulfilling these conditions, you will receive the Cincinnati Bengals Who Dey Backpackthe Los Angeles Rams bowler headand the Super Bowl LVI Cap.

I’ve finished everything, where are my items?

If you follow this guide through all the steps above and don’t see your rewards right away, don’t be discouraged! Event badges and their corresponding items can take hours, days, or even weeks to show up in players’ inventories, so it’s likely not oneyou’ problem, but rather a problem in the process of Roblox. These items should appear in your avatar inventory by next week, if not sooner.

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