How to Get All Free Items in Roblox NIKELAND

NIKELAND is the result of a collaboration between Roblox and Nike, who came together to create a virtual world where players can exercise while wearing Nike gear. Players can also join games with their friends and even receive the tools to create their own games from scratch.

Players can complete easy tasks or complete small quests to get some free items in Roblox NIKELAND. Of course, there are also exclusive paid items that can be purchased by spending in-game currency and Robux. Clothing is a big part of NIKELAND, and players looking to get the best sports gear will want to know about the different items in the game and how to get them.

Collect free items in Roblox NIKELAND

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The best thing about Roblox NIKELAND is that it has a low barrier of entry, and the developers have also added instructions for beginners. In fact, players will be guided as to where they should move and what to press to perform an action.

Items available in Roblox NIKELAND

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Players can follow the instructions below to collect free items:

  • Nike Striker Shorts – Players must play football to at least Level 1.
  • Nike Swoosh Sunglasses – Players must play football and they will receive this item at level 18.
  • Nike Backpack – This is also collected by talking to any NPC in the Showroom (non-player character). Showrooms are also labeled, but can be easily spotted from a distance due to their distinct red color.
  • Nike Shoebox Costume – Players can go to the lobby and eat a piece of the 50th birthday cake to get this item.
  • Nike Cap – Once spawned in-game, players will start from the in-game courtyard. Players need to talk to the Showroom NPC. It could be in any showroom.
  • Nike Basketball Head – Players must earn 14,000 XP by playing any of the basketball mini-games that are part of the NIKELAND experience to get the free Nike Basketball Head.

Currently Unavailable Items in Roblox NIKELAND

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Any items that are no longer available are listed here as there is a chance they will reappear in-game. The developers haven’t mentioned anything about permanently removing them from the item pool. Therefore, it is good to know about them and be ready to grab them if they appear in the future.

  • Nike Cookie Earmuffs – This item is not permanently available. It was previously available during last year’s Christmas event and could be obtained by speaking to Giannis Antetokounmpo. Keep following the game for more updates on this.
  • Nike LeBron James Crown – Unfortunately this item is also no longer available. It could previously be obtained by talking to the LeBron James NPC. Players also had to complete a few related quests.
  • Nike Cloud Board – This item is also currently unavailable. However, it was UGC (user generated content) for participants in Airtopia minigames.

When playing NIKELAND, players don’t have to worry if their avatar seems to run slower on certain terrains. This is not a problem since the game is designed to make the player run faster when sprinting on brown tracks. Other terrain in the game, such as grass, will slow down the player’s avatar.

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