How to get free bitcoins in 2022

The cryptocurrency industry is notorious for handing out Bitcoin for free, especially in the beginning. However, the price explosion has slightly dampened the search for platforms providing free Bitcoin in recent years.

Well, you might be happy to know that free Bitcoins are still everywhere; You just need to know where to look.

We’ve done the research for you and found some of the best places where you can receive free Bitcoins in 2022. Some of these platforms require you to complete surveys for small change, while others offer contests that allow you to enter to win huge prizes. – up to $1 million in BTC!

Here are the three most proven ways to get free Bitcoin in 2022.

Top 3 Proven Ways to Get Free Bitcoin in 2022

  1. lucky blockParticipate in NFT giveaway contests
  2. Use websites to earn and learn and receive sign-up bonuses
  3. Get Free Bitcoins as Cash-Back

A Closer Look at the Top 3 Proven Ways to Get Free Bitcoin in 2022

1. Lucky Block – Participate in NFT giveaway contests

lucky block is perhaps the best method to get free Bitcoins in 2022, especially if you are looking for more than a few dollars. Lucky Block is the market-leading competition platform that allows players to earn rewards by simply holding one of their NFTs to compete.

The rewards provided by Lucky Block are really extravagant, luxurious and expensive. Their competitions range from winning a huge amount of Bitcoin, luxury sports cars, expensive NFTs, or 5-star vacations.

Each Lucky Block contest reward is associated with a specific NFT collection that you must purchase in order to participate in the contest. Once all the NFTs in that particular collection are completely exhausted, the winner is chosen at random and the player is awarded the prize.

Lucky Block is proud to offer fair, transparent and random draws to choose its winners. One of their biggest winning contests to date was in mid-May 2022, where the winner was rewarded with over $2 million in prizes.

They are currently running an NFT contest to win $1 million in BTC. Players must purchase one BTC1M NFT from the collection to enter this contest and keep it in their wallet until the entire collection is depleted. This offers a great opportunity to get free Bitcoins by simply buying the NFT and sitting in it until the draw.

The million dollars in BTC is not their only extravagant prize.

One of the most popular prizes is a Lamborghini. To participate in this contest, players must purchase one of the NFT Platinum Rollers Club from the collection.

Lucky Block hosts a selection of other NFT-based competitions including the following;

  • Earning a five-star luxury vacation for all 5HOLIDAY NFT holders.
  • Earn a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for all BAYC NFT holders.
  • Win a house worth $1 million for all 1MHOUSE NFT holders.

What’s great about NFT competitions are the benefits of holding the NFTs while you wait for the collection to run out. For example, all NFT holders in their competitions earn LBLOCK rewards just by holding the NFT. The longer you hold the NFT and the more NFT you hold, the higher your LBLOCK rewards.

LBLOCK is the native token of the platform that powers the ecosystem. The team recently launched LBLOCK V2 on the Ethereum network, which completely removed the previous transaction tax. As a result, LBLOCK is now listed on leading exchanges such as, MEXC and LBank – with further listings in progress.

Lucky Block also holds regular weekly competitions with prizes for completing tasks on Gleam, like following them on Twitter and joining their Telegram groups.

Overall, Lucky Block has created a fantastic ecosystem where everyone can be a winner. Their Million Dollar BTC Contest is probably the most exciting way to win lots of BTC in 2022, so you should consider buying the BTC1M NFT before the collection sells out to enter the giveaway.


2. Use websites to earn and learn

Another fantastic method to earn free Bitcoin in 2022 is to participate in the earn and learn websites available. Some of the biggest crypto brands offer free training on their platforms and further incentivize people to participate by offering free Bitcoins as rewards when they complete the tutorials.

It’s a great option to earn Bitcoin for free, especially if you’re new to the industry. You learn all about cryptocurrency and earn free bitcoins simultaneously.

The pioneer in the earn and learn space is Coinbase Earn. First, you get a £5/$5 free bonus just for signing up with Coinbase – one of the biggest exchanges in the industry. Then you can participate in their education section to earn more free BTC. You need to watch videos, do a quick, then earn free BTC. Some of the rewards are in altcoins, but there’s nothing stopping you from instantly redeeming them into BTC on the platform.

CoinMarketCap is another top crypto brand that has an education section for earning and learning. Their Earn Crypto section allows you to take modules in various altcoins to learn about different blockchain networks. After taking the quiz, you will be rewarded with some crypto which you can exchange into BTC. CoinMarketCap has more options to earn right now in 2022 than Coinbase Earn.

If you’re new to the industry, you might have heard of Binance, perhaps the biggest exchange in the world. Binance also hosts a similar learn and earn section to earn rewards through the Binance Academy by taking quizzes to earn. This is only available to new users, and the exchange also offers a free sign-up bonus.

KuCoin is another top exchange that offers various earning through education schemes. The platform offers a dedicated section called “Reward Hub” where users can participate in available tasks and earn USDT, which can then be converted into BTC on the exchange. They also offer additional rewards for weekly trading tasks after reaching certain trading milestones on the exchange.

Other platforms you can use to learn include;

  • BitDegree Learning Drops
  • Cake DeFi Learn and Earn
  • Phemex Learn & Earn
  • Nodle Cash
  • Meaning of cryptography
  • FreeAirdrop

3. Get Free Bitcoins as Cashback

Another method to earn free Bitcoin in 2022 is to sign up for a service that offers BTC cashback rewards. The entire cryptocurrency industry has expanded its infrastructure over the past five years, and top brands are now offering debit/credit cards that allow you to spend your cryptocurrency at stores around the world. real world.

Many crypto debit cards offer cashback on all purchases, similar to how your current credit card provider offers cashback. However, the main difference is that crypto debit card rewards are usually in a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

Perhaps the most popular cashback rewards program is offered by the exchange. The exchange has an official partnership with Visa to offer a prepaid card with an added incentive that offers crypto cashback. The rewards provided by are much higher than traditional credit cards as they can provide 1-5% on all purchases, depending on the number of CRO tokens wagered.

In addition to cashback, also offers 100% discounts on Spotify and Netflix, meaning you get the services for free. Moreover, you can easily convert the received cashback into BTC or another cryptocurrency you desire on their exchange.

BlockFi is another platform that offers cash back for purchases made with their BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature credit card. The service offers 1.5% cashback in Bitcoin on every purchase made with the card and has no annual fee. Additionally, the platform offers up to 3.5% cashback for the first 90 days.

Finally, Coinbase also has a Visa card that offers up to 4% cashback in crypto rewards. Their reward card is linked to your Coinbase exchange balance, allowing you to spend your crypto at any store in the world instantly. Additionally, the service provides a mobile app to manage your transactions and receive your rewards quickly.

Other platforms that offer free BTC cashback include;

  • Wirex Visa Card – 2% Cash Back
  • Nexo Crypto Debit Card – 2% Cash Back
  • Gemini Mastercard – up to 3% cashback in all 50 US states
  • Shakepay Visa – up to 2% in Bitcoin


All the platforms mentioned above are great methods to earn free Bitcoin in 2022. Some of them provide small amounts of currency while others offer some huge prizes.

Lucky Block stands out from the rest when it comes to rewarding its users with free Bitcoin. Their million dollar BTC NFT contest is hugely popular and one of the very few places in the industry to offer such an exciting prize.


Christy J. Olson