How to get free items in Roblox Dunking Simulator?

Roblox Dunking Simulator gives players a basketball-based experience in a visually pleasing setting. Players must earn money by participating in dunk contests and shooting baskets.

Different types of shoes and jerseys can be unlocked by completing tasks and purchasing them in-game. To improve their shooting and accuracy, players also need to improve their skill stats.

Special in-game events are taking place for a limited time in Dunking Simulator. The Dark Court event is the title’s final special event. Artifacts associated with Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant are up for grabs. Players can add these exclusive items for free by completing challenges.

Be ready! @JaMorant turn on dark mode in the @Roblox Immersion simulator. Starting today, explore a custom basketball court and seek out Ja who will reveal your quest. You can unlock premium in-game items including Custom Beats, Chain, and Cloak.

Get the free items in Roblox Dunking Simulator before they become unavailable

Three items associated with the NBA star are available to players and they are:

  • Ja Morant chain 12
  • Ja Morant Beats Headphones
  • Ja Morant bear cape
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How to get Ja Morant Beats headphones in Roblox Dunking Simulator?

Follow the simple steps listed below to get the headset in minutes.

  • Launch the game and enter the server
  • Players will spawn on the basketball court by default
  • New players must complete the tutorial to enter the field
  • From the field, head straight to the “New Event” room
  • Teleport to the “Dark Event” world through the portal by holding “Q”

Players will now see the Ja Morant Beats headphones equipped on their avatars.

How to get Ja Morant chain 12 and Ja Morant bear cape in Roblox Dunking Simulator?

Players can easily get their hands on the chain and cloak by following the steps below:

  • Enter the Dark Event Portal
  • Players must step straight out of the field and interact with Ja Morant sitting on a wooden throne
  • Users will receive a quest from him
  • They will receive the Ja Morant 12 channel for free

Players must complete all of Ja Morant’s quests to obtain the Ja Morant Bear Cape

They need to score 1500 Beats Bucks (point-based currency) by scoring dunks on the field to complete the first quest. Players need to collect 15 orbs found on the Dark Court to complete the second quest.

The third quest requires players to purchase three shoes from the in-game store. Each shoe costs 3,000 Beats Bucks. Players can earn Beats Bucks by doing hoops and scoring dunks on the court. They can equip the newly purchased shoes to increase their income and speed.

For the fourth quest, players must perform three consecutive perfect dunks. This challenge can be completed easily. However, the fifth and final quest requires a bit of grinding. Players must earn 3,000 seasonal XP by scoring points in the field and collecting orbs. They can also stay AFK in the glowing yellow “AFK ZONE” to earn free Seasonal XP.

After gathering 3,000 Seasonal XP, players can simply press the “Done” button on the Quest UI to claim the Ja Morant Bear Cloak in Roblox Dunking Simulator.

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