How to get free items with codes

Dislyte Players can redeem several currently active codes to get a ton of free items and resources, but they need to know how to redeem the codes first. Dislyte is the brand new mobile game in which players assemble teams of Espers, people imbued with the power of the gods. With a stunning soundtrack and excellent character designs, Dislyte already garners a sizable fan base, despite only being out for about a week. The gacha-style game features a number of game modes and gameplay options that will keep players busy for hours, even if they don’t want to spend money on premium goods or currencies.

Dislytes the developers are encouraging players to try out the game with a number of freebies and codes. The developers of Dislyte work with a number of different YouTube personalities to generate interest in the game, with many YouTubers getting their own codes to give away to their users. Many codes give Golden Records, Starimons (which are used to upgrade Espers), XP Boosters, Nexus Crystals, and other premium merchandise.

So how do the codes work in Dislyte? Well, the current code redemption system is a bit complicated. Players should tap on their profile picture and then tap on “Settings”. From there, they tap the “Services” tab, then the “Gift Code” button to enter their codes.

Below is a list of currently active Dislyte codes. All codes worked as of May 18, 2022.

JoinDislyte – 100 Nexus Crystals + 1 Gold Disc

LingBigYong – 100,000 E-Cash, 50x Nexus Crystals, 5x Divine Wave Base Option Pack

StSkiCrimax – 100,000 E-Cash, 1x XP Booster (8h), 1x Stamina Supply Pack

Tgtyoutube – 3 Star Starimon, XP, 50 Nexus Crystals, 1x XP Booster (8h)

Live HD – 3 Star Starimon, XP, 50 Nexus Crystals, 100k Gold, 1x XP Booster (8h)

JonTronShow – 2x 3-Star Abilimon, 100k Gold, 50 Nexus Crystals

Christy J. Olson