Jack Ginnivan has high free-kick stats, dodging in Collingwood Magpies win over North Melbourne

Three-time medalist Coleman Matthew Lloyd thinks AFL referees don’t know how to officiate Jack Ginnivan as debate over the Collingwood striker’s ability to take free-kicks reignites.

Ginnivan scored two goals from eight eliminations in the Magpies’ remarkable win from behind against North Melbourne on Saturday, the club’s seventh successive victory to lift them to fifth in the table.

But Ginnivan’s technique was a big talking point during and after the game.

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Ginnivan hit a high tackle from Kangaroo Jaidyn Stephenson in the first quarter and earned a free kick from the referee, leading to one of the Magpies’ first goals.

But Ginnivan in the third quarter did not receive a free kick for a seemingly high tackle from Luke Davies-Uniacke. As Roo Lachie Young turned to the referee to signal that no freebies should be given to the Pies, Ginnivan was then slammed for holding the ball.

Then in the fourth term, Ginnivan was lifted by Aidan Corr and given a free kick.

“The big story for me was Jack Ginnivan and what they do and don’t do with him,” Lloyd told Channel 9. Sunday football show.

“I think they don’t know what to do because they realize – it’s like the Selwood shrug in a way – they know what he’s doing every time but the refs don’t know what to do : ‘Do we have to pay it or should we ‘t us?’”

Jack Ginnivan of the Magpies. Photo: Robert CianfloneSource: Getty Images

AFL senior reporter Damian Barrett added: “You can’t have a situation where one player is officiated differently from all the other players… it’s all free kicks.”

Asked if the inconsistency stemmed from different referees interpreting the contact differently, Barrett replied: “Yeah, but you can see the North Melbourne players protesting too, trying to remind the referees ‘hey, that’s it. what is this guy doing”. The referees know this, they have been informed of this as well.

During Fox Footy’s call, two-time Kangaroo Premier David King praised the umpire for not paying Ginnivan a free during the third quarter incident, saying, “I think there’s some skill there. But I’m glad the referee saw things differently.

AFL game record holder Brent Harvey said whistleblowers were placed in a difficult position.

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“He drops to his knees and then raises his shoulder. They’re all stoned, but it’s hard,” Harvey said. Sunday football show.

Collingwood coach Craig McRae thought Ginnivan should have been awarded the free kick for the third quarter incident.

“Last time it happened against Hawthorn I just got the answers they missed a few,” he said after the game.

“It looked like a high tackle that didn’t get called.”

Christy J. Olson