Lakes Woman Goes Free as a Bird Thanks to $1.4 Million TattsLotto Win

A Lakes Entrance woman credited her $1.4million TattsLotto win to her late brother’s beloved pet bird after telling the cockatiel she wouldn’t have to relocate her if she won the first division.

The Eastern Victoria resident held one of seven winning Division 1 entries in the TattsLotto 4293 draw, drawn on Saturday, September 10, 2022 and taking home a total prize of $1,428,579.98.

Confirming her victory with an official from The Lott this morning, the mother-of-two shared how the sublime victory happened.

“I’m a little nervous!” she chuckled.

“The most I’ve ever won is $40,000, and I thought that made my life better!

“I had checked the winning numbers this morning and couldn’t believe it.

“I went to the local news agency to confirm the win and they said, ‘I knew you would win!’

“Earlier in the week, I told my late brother’s pet bird that if I had won the lottery, I wouldn’t have to rehouse him at the bird sanctuary.

“It got to a point where I was considering if I could handle it due to my living situation, and I called the sanctuary to arrange it.

“The bird must have woken up and decided it still wanted to live with me!

“I looked at the bird this morning and said, ‘You stay here! You’re not going to the bird sanctuary.

“It’s crazy!”

When asked how she planned to spend her million dollar prize, the victorious Victorian shared that she would be going to a brand new home.

” I can not believe it ; I will own my own house! It will be in my name! she clapped.

“I haven’t owned a house in over 12 years!” I have even already chosen the house in which I want to live.

“My pets are going to be so confused when they move into a bigger space. I can just imagine my cat thinking, ‘What’s going on?!’ She will think the new place is some kind of palace.

“I can also buy a new car – maybe a Territory.

“The possibilities are limitless!”

His winning work was purchased at The Newspower Lakes Entrance297 L’Esplanade, Entrance to the lakes.

The Newspower Lakes Entrance Jodie Naylor, owner, said the Premier League winning entry was great news for their outlet and their community.

“We are delighted to learn that one of our clients has won a major lottery prize. Let’s hope they celebrate with a bottle of champagne, like us! she says.

“We have already seen a large number of customers come to see who could have won or if it was them.

“We sold our last winning Division 1 entry of 2020 so hopefully there will be more to come. We can imagine this is the start of a winning streak.

“Our whole team wishes the winner good days to come! Congratulations to the winner.

The winning numbers for the TattsLotto 4293 draw on September 10, 2022 were 31, 45, 2, 11, 8 and 32, while the bonus numbers were 14 and 41.

Christy J. Olson