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McDonald’s is feeling generous! And it has to do with astrology. The channel just announced a 2-day giveaway that will include a free sandwich or burger, to help fans survive the upcoming Mercury retrograde.

This period of time, during which the planet Mercury appears to be receding, is known in astrology as a phenomenon to be dreaded and characterized by difficult communication and frequent misunderstandings. So, to assuage any issues that may arise for its fans, Mickey D’s is offering a free McChicken or McDouble on May 10 and 11.

And don’t miss McDonald’s just brought back this beloved bakery item.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

Starting tomorrow, all you have to do to score one of the free items is purchase an order of medium fries through the McDonald’s app.

And to provide fans with more celestial advice, the channel is teaming up with astrology expert Madame Adam, who will give select fans a McDonald’s-inspired Tarot reading on TikTok. Starting today, fans can comment with their name and zodiac sign on Madame Adam’s TikTok or Instagram posts announcing the retrograde McDonald’s Mercury deal.

promoting madam adam mcdonald
Courtesy of McDonald’s

Madame Adam will then select a few lucky ones for a special reading that will take place on TikTok live on Tuesday, May 10. You can also try your luck by commentating during the live session, which starts at 6 p.m. EST, for a last chance to be selected. But even if you’re not selected, grab a free McChicken or McDouble and tune in to find out exactly what the future holds during this time of heavenly chaos.

As astrology fans know, Mercury retrograde, which occurs three times a year, will last until June 2. So we’ll need more freebies and offers to get through the tough times, McDonald’s – keep coming!

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