Meet your candidates: Colwood hopefuls share their visions

In the city of Colwood, Doug Kobayashi challenges Rob Martin in the race for mayor with 10 candidates vying for six councilor positions. We asked each nominee to describe the most important thing the council can do to improve the lives of residents. Here are their answers listed in alphabetical order.

Mayoral candidates:

Doug Kobayashi

Listen. And find authentic and culturally appropriate ways to engage with the community. It is about inviting community members into the decision-making process to assess, plan, implement and evaluate solutions to problems that affect their daily lives and their environment.

Authentic community engagement centers on trust, communication, and collaboration while ensuring well-rounded decision-making and more equitable service delivery. Authentic community engagement is a powerful tool for uncovering and cultivating strengths within communities – strengths that can then be used to support local governments in their efforts to address societal issues.

Rob Martin

A city council will have more impact on the lives of residents than any other level of government when the council remains focused on the following principles:

1. Family-oriented housing

2. Get people where they need to go

3. Parks and recreational spaces that make our city special

4. Creation of resilient jobs through enterprise development

5. Planning for financial responsibility for the future

The Council will achieve a thriving community based on the philosophy that “Colwood is for families”.

Advisor Candidates:

Cynthia Day

The most important thing council can do to improve the lives of residents is to listen to their feedback and ensure good communication to support their active participation in democracy. We can’t know everything, and we need to listen and learn more about the challenges and needs of our community. My 20 year service has been to help us all live as sustainably as possible, while respecting the inherent function and values ​​of our natural environment which supports us in ways we are still learning to understand and support. .

David Grove

As a municipal councillor, I must: do my homework, listen to citizens on all sides, mobilize the skills and efforts of staff, propose and support positive actions.

It is essential that I protect our city by carefully observing and respecting the Official Community Plan.

I undertake to respect this commitment for four full years from October 15, 2022.

Dean Janzen

Council is ultimately responsible for ensuring safety in our community, which has a direct impact on the well-being of our residents. Without security, a community and its residents cannot grow and prosper. We are fortunate to live in one of the safest communities in the region, but we must remain vigilant as we continue to grow. I strongly advocated for additional RCMP officers for our community and increases for our Colwood Volunteer Fire Department. I will continue to ensure that investments in security are aligned with the growth of our population in the future.

Kim Jordan

I believe that the most important thing council can do to improve the lives of residents is to aspire to create a healthy community, while living in it, loving it and protecting it. It is at the local level that decisions made about policies and plans directly affect how communities are planned and built.

Create places and spaces that cultivate belonging, inclusion, connectedness and engagement, while striving to create the conditions in which all residents, wherever they are in life, can s thrive now and in the future.

Steven MacAskill

Our population is growing and the climate is changing. These facts are indisputable and will impact us all for years to come. Colwood is already a beautiful and vibrant community and we all want to protect what we already love about it. With this in mind, the most important thing the council can do to improve the lives of its residents is to help them prepare for the future.

With inclusive consultation, I believe advice can help guide our community to adapt and even capitalize on future changes, without sacrificing the quality of life we ​​cherish.

Kim Mohn

-The ability to listen to the concerns of citizens from all walks of life

-Determine and realize the desire of residents for the future of the community

-Citizens want important issues affecting their quality of life to be decided at the local, municipal level

-Here they expect and want fair and healthy thinking, leadership and outcomes

Misty Olsen

Responsible budget management is fundamental to the health and well-being of communities. Municipal budgets are directly linked to the essential key services that communities need to function and thrive. These budgets also aim to anticipate the future needs of a community and identify weak points in the system. If a budget is not well managed, communities could suffer.

Stewart Parkinson

The council has the ability and responsibility to plan, develop, improve and maintain parks and outdoor spaces within the community. Existing parks can be upgraded, expanded and programmed to serve existing users and attract new users.

New parks can be developed to serve the growing community and form a hub for the neighborhood.

And other outdoor spaces, trails, beaches, sidewalks, and bike paths can be connected and integrated to promote healthy lifestyles, community interactions, and outdoor enjoyment.

Sacha Veelbehr

Did not respond.

Ian Ward

The City of Colwood is experiencing significant growth with associated challenges arising from the complexities of effectively managing this change.

To better serve our community, the Board must first and foremost demonstrate efficiency, integrity and competence.

We need the board to engage with all stakeholders, hold individuals/companies accountable, and practice a disciplined adherence to a set of fundamental principles and skills, strategic thinking and acting, and teamwork.

When I speak to residents on their doorsteps, the recurring theme is that residents’ concerns are marginalized and that council lacks the courage to act for citizens. Thus, it is time to have an effective strategic leadership at the town hall.

Advance voting begins Oct. 5 with General Election Day Oct. 15. For more information on how and where to vote, check your municipality’s website. You can find election night results, and more coverage in the build-up, under the election tab on

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