MustHaveMenus offers free holiday menu templates

MustHaveMenus offers free holiday menu templates( MustHaveMenus, design software for restaurants and businesses of all shapes and sizes, recently made part of its collection free, allowing anyone to create a menu for the holidays. Holiday card options range from bright and flashy to simple and classic. Even if a holiday-specific template doesn’t catch your eye, MustHaveMenus offers over 20,000 design templates that can be edited to fit any company’s brand. Holiday patterns include Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and many more.

Beverages, desserts, specials and more

With MustHaveMenus, restaurateurs can create a wide range of different holiday menus. They not only offer the standard dining menus, but half-page menus, table tents, and more, making it super easy for restaurateurs to create their dream vacation menu. Their menus are also easy to change, meaning restaurateurs can make changes at any time, swapping menu items or drinks when they run out.

Digital menu boards, marketing materials, etc.

This year, MustHaveMenus has created many additional holiday templates that restaurants and other business owners can use. MustHaveMenus is constantly working to increase its collection of holiday-themed assets. Their current collection includes hundreds of different assets for customers to choose from, including digital menu boards, social media posts, leaflets, loyalty cards and much more. Customers can create their entire brand with matching styles, getting all the different materials they need.

Quickly post to social media

With their easy-to-use software, companies can quickly publish their custom assets directly to their instagram and Facebook feeds and stories. These assorted marketing materials can help restaurateurs develop a simple holiday marketing strategy, attracting more customers for events, specials, and more.

Easy to use software

MustHaveMenus can help business owners take the guesswork out of design. With their new free assets, customers don’t need to be a subscriber to access high-quality templates. However, to access more templates (holiday and otherwise), they offer a monthly subscription plan. This plan also gives business owners access to other benefits, such as watermark-free publishing, high-resolution downloads, and more. MustHaveMenus continues to come up with new designs on a regular basis.

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Christy J. Olson