Pokémon GO Players Get Free Items After Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day Issues

Pokémon GO is giving free items to players hit by issues during this week’s Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day event, with freebies available all week.

Niantic offers Pokemon GO players who were affected by various issues during this week’s Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day event, free items as an apology. Pokemon GO has held many special in-game events, either to celebrate a particular Pokemon or to promote an upcoming Pokemon. Pokemon game or movie – as well as various holiday celebrations. This year’s round Pokemon GO events have included a Ditto-themed April Fool’s Day celebration, the Festival of Colors event which featured the Gen 7 flying-type Oricorio, and Pokemon GO Lush jungle that featured grass and bug types like Tapu Lele, Fomantis, and Lurantis.

The last Pokemon GO took place earlier this week and focused on Mega Kangaskhan, an enhanced version of the popular Gen 1 Normal-type known for carrying a baby in its pouch like a real-world kangaroo. Fans were certainly thrilled to have the chance to catch Mega Kangaskhan after he was added to Pokemon GO in March, to the point that some went so far as to bake Mega Kangaskhan-themed pies in preparation for Raid Day. However several Pokemon GO players who logged in on Sunday to track down the elusive parent-child duo had their experience hampered due to the difficulty levels being too high for Kangaskhan, with less Mega Energy offered as rewards for defeating him. The game also stopped handing out free Raid Passes two hours early, meaning some players missed out on the chance to participate in the event entirely.

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Developer Niantic is aware of the many issues players are experiencing this week Pokemon GO Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day and is giving everyone affected a bundle of free rewards to make up for it. According to the official Niantic Support Twitter account, Pokemon GO users from the nine regions who were negatively impacted during the Pokemon GO The Mega Kangaskhan event can claim a free bundle containing five Premium Raid Passes and a Lucky Egg in the shop from now until 5:00 PM GMT/10:00 AM PT on Friday, May 6.

Niantic has many more Mega Pokémon Raids planned for May, with Mega Latios, Mega Latias, and Mega Blastoise all showing off by May 10, and Mega Altaria set to show off in a week-long Raid starting Wednesday, May 25. other big Pokemon GO events on the horizon for this month include the Water Festival, which will increase the spawn rates of Water-type Pokémon starting May 12, and the Alola in Alola event which will feature Pokémon from Alola from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Plus, Niantic and The Pokémon Company are gearing up for June Pokemon GO Fest 2022 – although high ticket prices compared to last year’s big event left some fans less than thrilled.

Hopefully these next Pokemon GO events won’t suffer from the same issues that impacted this week’s Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day event, but it’s nice to see Niantic compensating those hit with free in-game items. first Pokemon GO regions can pick it up for free Pokemon GO bundle in the Item Shop from now until Friday.

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Source: Niantic/Twitter Support

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