Quin69 mocks Diablo IV’s “free” Season Pass

It would be an understatement to say that Blizzard has been in hot water for a few years. Now, Twitch streamer Quin69 has lambasted Blizzard for its handling of Diablo 4’s Season Pass.

It’s been very difficult for Blizzard to get a win lately, with Diablo Immortal being the latest PR disaster for the company. Its paid monetization has drawn a lot of criticism from gamers around the world.

Streamer Quin69 proved just how ridiculous Diablo Immortal monetization is by putting over $10,000 in endgame loot just to still not get what he’s looking for.

Diablo 4 is getting a Season Pass

However, Diablo 4 may be different. The $60 price tag on the title will hopefully mean less blatant monetization over Diablo Immortal’s free-to-play business model.

But, for Quin69, the language used in Diablo IV’s latest quarterly development update doesn’t give him much confidence in Blizzard.

“What the fuck is this, man?” pretty much sums up Quin’s take on Blizzard’s language about the Diablo IV Season Pass. He sarcastically mocks Blizzard, saying we’re getting free content with the $60 purchase price. “Gaming in 2022,” he scoffs.

Is there still hope for Blizzard?

As for where the material it reads came from, that’s in a massive Diablo IV development update released on August 18, 2022.

It was revealed in this update that Diablo IV will have a cosmetics shop alongside battle pass rewards, although it won’t have the same pay-to-win mechanics present in Diablo Immortal. At least, according to Diablo IV Product Manager Kegan Clark.

Blizzard’s business model here is in line with battle passes from other games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone. It offers “premium currency” and bigger rewards for paying players, while also offering smaller rewards in a designated free path.

The Apex Legends battle pass. Battle Passes are quite common in the modern gaming industry.

It’s fair to expect the Diablo IV Season Pass to look like this, and it’s a proven business model for live service games. There is a free path that offers pretty meager and inconsistent rewards, alongside a premium path that promises bigger rewards.

It’s hard to say what the Diablo IV rewards will be, but, based on what’s in Blizzard’s dev update, those rewards should be mostly cosmetic.

While it’s a relief for die-hard Diablo fans, Quin69’s comments point to an industry that has largely accepted the practice of demanding more and more money from its players.

Christy J. Olson