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Welcome to our guide “Star Wars The Force Unleashed: What are the best power crystals?” “. Here are some of the best hidden power crystals in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to upgrade Starkiller’s lightsaber.

The Crystal of Rubat

The “Rubat Crystal” is the very first power crystal players will encounter, but that doesn’t make this crystal any less valuable. It boosts Starkiller’s lightsaber damage, which is always valuable no matter what playstyle you choose. It can be discovered on the highest catwalk in the wing lift area, inside the Tie Fighter factory.

The Ruusan Crystal

The Ruusan Crystal appears to be a fantastic crystal for players who use their Force powers extensively, which the game favors. This reduces the expense of using Force powers, giving Starkiller more leeway when deploying in battle. The crystal can be found at the top of the bar roof in the bar area towards the entrance to Cloud City.

The Crystal of Vexxtal

The Vexxtal Crystal appears to be a unique crystal that is extremely useful in group fights. Starkiller lightsaber attacks now have a chance to “infect” opponents with a damaging aura, causing them to damage enemies around them for a brief time. Imperial Felucia is where you will find this crystal. After the second AT-ST in the Saarlac area, players should search for a crane with the crystal above it.

The Seal Crystal

The Sigil Crystal is a fantastic power crystal for Sith players. This crystal increases the impact of all electrical assaults, especially Sith lightning. Imperial Raxus Prime has this crystal. The force dash can reach a ledge on the left side of the road at the start of the level. Then enter the room to get the Sigil Crystal.

The Katak Crystal

The Katak Crystal is an excellent survival power crystal. A life drain effect is added to Starkiller’s lightsaber, allowing him to regain health while slicing through enemies. Although the impact does not appear on every swing, it still heals effectively. The Death Star has this gem at the end of the game. The crystal is at the start of the level.

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Christy J. Olson