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The West Coast Fever will finally look to claim the Super Netball title that has so far eluded them, as the Melbourne Vixens revenge to finish their worst-ever first-ever run in tonight’s Grand Final at the RAC Arena. . Live coverage starting at 5 p.m. EST!

Fever controversially received the hosting rights before the final had even started when the grand final was sold to Perth, but then won it with their big semi-final win at the John Cain Arena.

The Vixens, who beat the fever 66-64 to win the 2020 championship, finished bottom of the table last season but won their third minor premiership title this year.

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Melbourne then survived a thrilling preliminary round against the Giants to earn another chance on the West Coast.

A win would see the Vixens tie Sunshine Coast and New South Wales to two Super Netball titles, while it would be the West Coast’s first after two previous Grand Final defeats.

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Neither team showed nervousness in the opening minutes of the grand final, with the Vixens and Fever going goal to goal to start the decider.

It took an error by Vixens goalkeeper Mwai Kumwenda to break the deadlock with a step into the goal circle before Jhaniele Fowler made his own unusual mistake.

“A rare fumble we see from Fowler,” said commentator Madi Browne.

When Kumwenda fell back in a contest, Fever captain Courtney Bruce took full advantage to help her team take an early lead.

“It’s a grand finale, you have to try this ball,” said commentator Catherine Cox.

“She just pulled back and put her arms out.

“Drop your head and get in there. »

Vixens defender Jo Weston entered the fight with an interception and a deflection to help her side close the lead before a timeout was called.

Fever coach Dan Ryan went to attack on goal Sasha Glasgow after telling his side they needed to ‘step up’.

“They’re guessing the space to feed,” Browne said of the Fever’s attacking end.

Glasgow fired the first Super Shot of the game to open a three-goal lead, bringing Ryan to his feet, before the Vixens tossed him to their side.

They were unable to make the Vixens pay after Verity Simmons was penalized for blocking Weston’s entry into the goal circle.

Kumwenda found Keira Austin on the baseline several times to keep the Vixens in the contest, but Glasgow continued to drop shots from range.

In the quarter, it was the Fever with four goals ahead.

Bruce had six huge deflections in the first quarter to help Fever take the lead.

“The Vixens definitely have a little work to do but don’t panic,” Cox said.

“Kumwenda didn’t really attack the ball the way we want to see him,” Browne added.

“The Vixens shooting circle did very well with Austin drawing Bruce and leaving Aryang on Kumwenda.”

The Vixens spat possession early in the second when Austin set up the pass to Liz Watson, and Fowler made them pay.

Goalkeeper Emily Mannix tried to boost her team with a big interception converted by Kumwenda.

“Hospital pass really, Verity Simmons behind the game. Army rolls to finish,” Cox said.

But the Vixens attack turned the ball over again when a pass to Kumwenda went too deep.

The visitors started to find space and were able to dwindle to less than one, but Glasgow’s brilliant third-row tip again caused another Vixens turnover. And Fever’s lead was five.

Vixens coach Simone McKinnis looked down on her bench and injected Rahni Samason into the competition with seven minutes left in the second term.

And the move paid off when Alice Teague-Neeld spat possession and suddenly the Vixens were back to within three goals.

But Samason couldn’t convert from range for his first Super Shot attempt and the Fever capitalized at the other end, opening a six-goal lead.

Samason was successful on his second attempt to close the margin, but Glasgow matched his effort at the other end.

Ryan called a time-out to urge his players to “find a body and attack” instead of being pushed back in the final minutes of the first half.

The Vixens conceded 22 penalties in the second term alone as Fever extended their lead to six at the main break.

“(The Vixens) need to step back from the body a bit, show they can be clean, and then challenge again,” Browne said.

Fowler was spotted complaining to the referee at half-time about contact with her wrist during the shot.

“She doesn’t look comfortable. She looks uncomfortable,” Browne said.

McKinnis made a change for third with Mannix heading to the bench and West Aussie Liv Lewis coming on against his former side.

Both teams went goal for goal to start the third before an attacking contact call on Liz Watson saw the Fever push the margin to eight.

Weston had a brilliant interception to cut the lead to five.

“One of the few wins achieved through the Melbourne Vixens defense,” Cox said.

But Glasgow stepped up again in the final minutes of the quarter, with another Super Shot as time out was called by the Vixens.

“She has a warm hand! Cox praised.

Christy J. Olson