Tomorrow Farms launches Bored Cow in the United States

Tomorrow Farms wants to solve some of the “biggest problems” in the food system, starting, he says, with the dairy category. “Tomorrow Farms is a company that aims to reinvent your favorite foods in ways that are better for people, kinder to animals and easier on the planet,”CEO and co-founder Ben Berman explained.

After its successful fundraising earlier this month – when it secured backing from venture capital firms such as Lowercarbon Capital, Maveron and Valor Siren Ventures – the group is now gearing up to launch its first products.

Bored Cow flavored milks will be available in the United States next month. The brand will initially offer three varieties – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry – with a fourth, original flavor slated for release later this summer. “One of the reasons we’re so excited to launch Bored Cow as our first brand is the ability to reinvent dairy,”Berman told DairyReporter.

Launching first in direct-to-consumer sales, the products will be available for home delivery. Berman thinks this is a great way for the challenger brand to establish a direct relationship with consumers looking for something new. “We thought how fun it would be to bring back the traditional milk deliverers. Launching as a DTC business allows us to bring some of the fun of getting your milk home, where customers are increasingly comfortable shopping as we reimagine this fridge staple for life. ‘coming.

That said, he continued, Tomorrow Farms is “excited to be bringing Bored Cow to all of your favorite stores in the near future.”

Partnership with Perfect Day

Bored Cow contains animal-based dairy proteins produced by Perfect Day’s precision fermentation technology, which allows microorganisms to be programmed to produce complex organic molecules, such as proteins. According to the company, this protein is nutritionally “identical” to conventional whey protein, but with 97% fewer carbon emissions.

Tomorrow Farms has taken this ingredient as the basis for its fluid milk innovations. “Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein is truly bio-identical to the dairy protein found in conventional milk…We are very proud to announce that Perfect Day is one of the first partners of Tomorrow Farms. Milk Bored Cow is built around Perfect Day’s incredible animal-free whey protein The rest of our formula – the extra nutrients, taste, texture and all of this product’s other incredible value propositions, including zero grams of sugar in our flavored milk – are created by the team at Tomorrow Farms”,Berman said.

Tomorrow Farms suggests Bored Cow has all the “creaminess and goodness” of traditional dairy, with 8 grams of complete protein per cup, 0 grams of total sugars per cup, plus calcium, potassium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 that consumers expect and the love of traditional dairy milk. It is also free of lactose, gluten, nuts, hormones and antibiotics.

The brand has other advantages over traditional dairy products, the CEO and food tech innovator told this publication. “Bored Cow is a shelf stable product because there are no hormones or antibiotics. Because of the way we process the milk, Bored Cow has a shelf life of one year, and it doesn’t need to be refrigerated until you’re ready to enjoy it.

Cost parity and consumer appeal

Commenting on the launch, Perfect Day co-founder and CEO Ryan Pandya said the innovation would help expand the impact of its “sweeter, greener” identical dairy proteins. “These new flavored milks from the visionary team at Tomorrow Farms extend our impact to consumers looking for a fun, planet-friendly and nutritious choice for their families. This attractive brand makes the softer, greener option exciting for generations growing up in the future we are creating.

Significantly, Berman told this publication that flavored milks will come to market at near parity cost with conventional and plant-based alternatives. “We are launching fairly competitively priced flavored dairy products into the market right off the bat, as well as some of the plant-based milks that consumers have come to know and love over the past five to ten years. In the longer term, we are absolutely confident that we will be able to compete on price with more traditional gallons of cow’s milk in supermarkets. We believe consumers deserve better. They deserve dairy free from hormones and antibiotics, animal-free options that don’t compromise on taste, texture and nutrition. We are proud that Bored Cow is the first to be able to offer all of these things. We believe there is a large group of consumers ready for this product today, and we are ready to surprise any other consumer with the taste, quality, texture and nutrients of Bored Cow to make this change so easy. as possible.

“We believe the way our food systems have evolved to feed a growing planet has had devastating effects for our animals and our land. The goal is to disrupt large-scale factory farming and create a product that’s not only better for us, but better for the planet and better for our animals. We don’t think it’s a niche, we think it’s just the future.

Christy J. Olson