Tower of Hell codes – free items and XP (May 2022)

Most games on Roblox have codes and Tower of Hell is no exception. So today we are going to go over all currently active codes for Tower of Hell. Tower of Hell is not known to give out a lot of codes and actually has no in-game code areas like other games on this platform.

Vault Codes

In the game, there are two chests that you can also create! Each of these chests can be opened with a different code and give you an in-game item.

  • Safe n°1 code: 69420
  • Safe code #2: 5164627

Previously, codes for this game were available to enter in the in-game chat, which is not often used in games. This included a free membership code, for 36 hours, via /freemember, however, this code expired in 2021.

Keep an eye out for more codes in Tower of Hell – and I hope the devs start releasing them more often, so we can get XP and other in-game items. If you see any codes for Tower of Hell, use them as soon as you see them, as they often won’t last very long at all! If you’re looking for more Roblox codes you can use, try All Star Tower Defense codes, Blox Fruits redemption codes, Grand Piece Online codes and many more we offer!

About the game

Roblox is full of fun games for you and your friends! One of the most popular obby style games is called Tower of Hell. This is a randomly generated obstacle course, where you will try to climb the tower by jumping, climbing ladders, dodging lasers and reaching the top. There are no checkpoints and a course is generated until a massive timer runs out. This timer, once it reaches zero, will also bring everyone back to the base of the game. Players can buy more time, but it’s risky!

Christy J. Olson