Unsworth wants free week to galvanize Oldham Athletic squad

Latics boss David Unsworth looks forward to an uninterrupted week on the training ground and is confident his players will reap the benefits.

After surrendering a lead only to lose at the last minute to Wrexham, Unsworth felt his side would have benefited more from a free week to recover from an energetic and courageous performance against the then leaders.

Instead, the battered Latics side got a quick turnaround with a Tuesday night game against Scunthorpe, which ended 2-2, before making the long trip to Maidenhead.

A 1-1 draw at Berkshire, where they had also led, means Unsworth is yet to register their first win since taking charge, but have noted a marked improvement in overall performance over their three weeks at the head.

He believes there is a lot more to come from his players and thinks the time spent on the training ground can only help him.

“It’s two weeks now for our next league game and lots of grass sessions, hopefully some players back, hopefully some players brought into the club,” said Unsworth, who must prepare his players for a fourth round. FA Cup qualifying clash with Chester ahead of their next league game, at home to Yeovil.

“I hope we will have more players available and that we have some work on the players who were on the pitch (Saturday).

” It is a work in progress. If we were top of the league and hadn’t been relegated, I probably wouldn’t be here. I am, and we – the club, the fans, everyone – are very honest where we are.

“We are where we are for a reason. I recognize that. I have no problem with where we are. I don’t want to be there, I can assure you, but things don’t happen overnight. We have good people at the club, we have a process in place, we have a great owner, a great board, great staff, now is the time to start looking. But it’s going to take time, and if we can’t do it this year, we’ll do it again next year.

“The fans have to stick with us, we have to be honest in assessing our situation, and today they saw the team fight, fight and score a point. This is Maidenhead, and it’s not It’s not disrespect I’m sure they expect more but we’re here and I need to get something going and put a process in place We did it and we’re doing it I’m sure “They can already see the improvement. It may not be a massive improvement, but it is an improvement.”

Christy J. Olson