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The use of Bitcoin has become customary in recent years as more and more users have learned to trade with this famous currency. However, the question was how to use this currency in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The answer is Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC), a token individually backed by Bitcoin, so you will get one BTC for wBTC every time. This currency allows users to trade on various Ethereum decentralized applications and the Ethereum decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Liquidity for wBTC is provided by the ERC-20 token standard to the DeFi ecosystem. Unlike in the past, when Bitcoin users could only trade with it, now they can access DeFi dApps and similar projects.

However, although the currency is marked as safe and stable, we know that Bitcoin is not always at this level of security. While we remember the dramatic drop in value in May, we’re not sure it’s safe for trading. Buyers are instead turning to the more durable, reliable and promising currencies like D2T, IMPT, Calvaria and Tamadoge, both of which are extremely attractive to new buyers. The number of buyers over the past few months shows that they have recognized the high potential of these currencies.

What is wBTC?

wBTC did what buyers considered impossible. This made it possible to use Bitcoin on networks and projects that they could not trade on. This is more liquidity for decentralized exchanges (DEX) and other DeFi applications running on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to the growing number of companies and wallets that accept it, you can redeem it at different merchants. The total value of the currency increased from $664 million to $848 million between August and September 2020.

There are many advantages to wBTC, from breaking technical and conceptual boundaries to avoiding restrictions on the use of Bitcoin on decentralized networks. The currency avoids favoring a blockchain, creating “chain-maximalist” perspectives. Money is also great because of the speed you can add to the block every 15 seconds. Usage is simple and it is created when you ask for it.

WBTC Price Prediction

Experts predict stability in the future and are tied to Bitcoin; it will follow the course of the famous crypto-currency. If we look at the current Bitcoin price, it is around $19,000. The future looks good, but only if something new does not happen in the volatile crypto market. Let’s look at the price predictions for the coming years.









Keeping everything in mind, wBTC is a stable and secure currency but highly sensitive to the global market. The fact that connecting with Bitcoin is not always a smart decision shows the recent evolution of global demand. You should consider investing in one of the most popular and promising currencies. Tamadoge and IMPT have shown unique buyer appeal, with great potential to quickly double your investment. They have many reasons to rely on currencies that include play and trading value.

Is Bitcoin a good option to consider?

If you are one of those who consider Bitcoin a better solution to invest, given its popularity, you should think twice. Although it has good investment potential, it is not always a stable currency. The crypto crash in May started with Bitcoin, which lost its value from nearly $70,000 to $19,000. Experts plan to return soon, but that won’t happen anytime soon. Although they claim that Bitcoin does not depend on fiat currencies, it does depend on politics, economics, and market changes. It is therefore better to turn to new sustainable investment models.

What is Dash 2 Trade (D2T)?

Dash 2 Trade is a specialized platform. At the same time, it is an informed trading analysis platform that provides crypto traders with in-depth insight into the market. The reason is to help create market strategies. Dash 2 Trade gives users access to signals, metrics and social trading tools, for every type of trader. The platform has three general membership levels that determine access to metrics and features. The price of D2T subscriptions is limited to 300 D2T, as well as 1000 D2T for starter and premium models.

The first is a free trial, which does not require the user to hold D2T tokens. The second is the Start Tier, where shoppers have access to advanced channel data and fundamental information about notable pre-sale launches. The third tier is the premium tier, which provides intimate access to all of Dash 2 Trade’s features. You can access it at 5% of the subscription fee, at the price of 1,000 D2T tokens per month.

You’ll get a 20% discount and ten subscribers will get access to crypto pre-sales coverage and analysis to target.

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What is IMPT?

We live in a time where investing and earning are not the only things to worry about. Climate change and environmental protection have become more critical topics among people. For these reasons, you should consider investing in “green” options, more connected to the environment and saving the planet. IMPT is one of those tokens created to protect the Earth, but not at the expense of earning and saving money.

Considering the way the platform converts IMPT tokens into carbon credits, we can be sure that this model is one of the best for investing. You can consider NFTs as carbon credits and easily alter them in transparent transactions. This type of trading reduces market friction and the whole process is easier for investors.

Presales are still in the first phase but will surely move on to the next very soon. The coin sold for $220,000 in the first 24 hours, and the latest information is that it raised $5 million in its first weekend. The total raise is over $10 million, so hurry up if you want to be a part of this awesome anti-climate change crypto. The presale is expected to end shortly, and after that buyers will be able to have their first carbon credit NFTs in the crypto market.


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How to buy IMPT?

Currency is great for those who want to be part of the solution, not just a problem. It’s the best way to invest for those who want to be greener. However, purchasing IMPT will help protect the environment, making the entire planet more environmentally friendly. As the sales are going very fast, it is expected to end the first phase of pre-sales very soon, and it will connect people around the world around the same goal. The currency brings together many notable ecological projects, such as reducing CO2 emissions, reducing aid missions and supporting the environment.

You can buy tokens at the price of $0.023 for one token until you have enough desired carbon credits. You can also continue shopping after that, each of them benefits the environment. The currency is based on blockchain technology, facilitates tracking of assets and records transactions on a corporate network.

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What is Calvaria (RIA)?

Calvaria is focused on accelerating mass crypto adoption through the P2E battle card game. The main goal is to create the first effective ambassador between the “real world” and crypto. Players can compete in the web2 game market with two versions of the game. The first will be a free model, easily accessible on app stores for beginners, uncrypted users and gamers. The second option is a play-to-earn version, held on all functions of the blockchain, allowing the creator to make the game accessible without constraining barriers. Thanks to this, the free version will attract more audiences, educate and create informed crypto users.

Users who play the free version of Calvaria will upgrade to the premium version on two sites with no significant incentive or ease of entry. With this, people won’t go through the process of entering the crypto and investing space, convincing them that they’ve decided without being sold, and it should make them react better. The player will fully own the assets and everything he earns in the game. It includes tokens, NFTs, skins, potions, etc. This is the time when you need to invest in the game to get the maximum value and all the tokens in the launch phase.


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What is Tamadoge?

Created to be a P2E game, but connected to the metaverse and NFT market, Tamadoge and its native token TAMA quickly blew away the competition. The developers started an incredibly attractive game season as the pre-sale ended earlier than expected. As the coin raised $19 million in just a few months, it should have impressive potential to reach top values ​​shortly.

The game is based on the classic P2E game model, with a pet that buyers invest in. After purchasing the desired pet, the buyer can create an avatar and purchase necessities, accessories, and other details. The player can also create an avatar and offer it on the NFT market as a token. Winning is possible in several ways. You can fight with other pets online and move up the leaderboard. The developers have also created some awesome rewards. Currently, you can only invest $10 for a chance to win a million dollars!

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How to buy TAMA?

Since the game has attracted many new members and users, it is time to invest in one of the most potential currencies in the market. The procedure is simple. You can buy on a centralized OKX exchange or a decentralized exchange if the former is not allowed. As for the price, the current price is $0.0371 and it is rising.

The game had attracted an impressive number of investors, with $19 raised before the presale ended. The current price is $0.0371 and it is rising. The currency you can buy on the centralized exchange OKX or decentralized if the former is not allowed. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch one of the best models to invest this season!

Tam 2

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You can certainly invest in the currency on your own, but choosing wBTC is extremely risky now. The money is pegged to Bitcoin, one of the most popular currencies in the world right now, but still with low chances of growing significantly in the future. Stricter investors are turning to better solutions, where tamadoge and TAX are much more innovative and reliable investment models. You can have fun while playing the games, protect the environment and earn money at the same time. All of the above will keep the currency above the long-term expected price.

Christy J. Olson